We strive to offer the services that provide our customers the most value. Simply Controlled Systems will utilize and execute our offerings based on the Client’s requirements, going beyond what they expect, and helping to facilitate a full life cycle of their project.

Simply Controlled Systems is a residential and commercial company that specializes in electronics and design integration. As stated in our name, we want your home or business systems be “Simply Controlled”. Our staff has a number one priority of providing you with he best services.

Project Estimates
Please contact us for a free project estimate. We can take your existing plans and drawings and give you a free estimate to fit your requirements and budget. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that you will be happy with and this is the best place to get the details worked out with your requirements and wish list items for your upcoming project.

System Design
Simply Controlled Systems will do a detailed system design based off the project estimate. This design package will detail wiring runs, material take-offs, installation requirements, and connection diagrams. We can offer design packages that can be used by third party contractors to install the wiring and equipment if you prefer. Most of our project are performed turn-key by Simply Controlled Systems from estimation to commissioning.

Installation, Training and Commissioning
Simply Controlled Systems can take your project from the estimation phase all the way through to commissioning. We offer turn-key solutions and are a one stop source for your A/V and integration needs. Once the finish out is complete, we will do a thorough commissioning process to ensure all the equipment is operating properly and the system integration is fully functional per the project specifications. Part of our standard offering is to ensure the client is fully trained in the operation of their new system and that the client feels comfortable asking questions to gain a more thourough understanding of the equipment and how everything works together.

Maintenance/ Service Contracts
We offer maintenance and service contracts on the equipment we install. This creates a peace of mind for our clients as they know their PCs will be kept up-to-date with the latest software updates and virus updates. We will also come in for routine maintenance on the equipment to ensure you get the maximum life out of your system. These contracts can vary by project so please feel free to ask about this extended service.

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